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There are lots of great resources out there for foster/adoptive parents in general, but in case you haven’t noticed, there is an empty void when it comes to stuff specifically for foster/adoptive dads. Go ahead and Google it. This is a website, so it’ll still be here when you get back.

We noticed it too, and we didn’t like it. So that’s why we started The Foster Dads. Our goal is to amplify the voices of men involved in foster care and adoption, build connections between foster/adoptive fathers, and motivate other men to consider how they can support the foster/adoptive community.

We are two dads (one foster, one adoptive) with more than fifteen years of combined experience working in the youth mental health field, so we’ve seen firsthand the difference an involved and empowered dad can make. We believe that’s what you are, and we want you to join us in our mission. For starters, you can do that by liking us on Facebook, sharing our content, or writing a guest article.

Foster care and adoption is hard, and  we like to lighten things up by speaking in our native tongue: sarcasm with a bit of swearing sprinkled in. In our experience, this is a shared language among foster/adoptive dads. If you’re a foster/adoptive dad who isn’t sarcastic and never swears, congratulations; you don’t need this blog. (Also, please contact us to write a guest article about how you manage that.)

Dave Cook

dave and jackson looking dumb and friendless

Dave is a foster dad who is significantly older than Zach. In his over five years of experience fostering teenage boys, he has had thirteen long term placements and innumerable short term placements. Dave collects either Volkswagens or used Bandaids, but the writer of this bio can’t remember and likewise can’t be bothered to find out. One time he mistakenly believed he would be named “Foster Parent of the Month.”

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Zach DeLoach

44085509_274083976569705_3645540761644040192_nZach is an adoptive dad who is significantly younger than Dave. He and his wife Gabrielle are the proud parents of a teenage son they adopted from foster care. An aspiring author, Zach is no longer allowed to use the camera for important family events because he always takes poor quality photos. He is perhaps most well-known for using the restroom in three different countries on the same day in 2008.

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