November is National Adoption Month!

We here at The Foster Dads are big proponents of adoption in cases where that is appropriate and necessary. November is National Adoption Month, so we want to  send out a “keep on keeping on” to all of you adoptive dads like me. I know from personal experience that being an adoptive father isn’t easy, but the work you’re doing is important.

If you’ve ever considered adopting from foster care, National Adoption Month is as good a time as any to take the first step! Here are a few links to help you out:

National Adoption Month can be a very exciting time, but we also need to remember that adoption is like a coin with two different sides. Yes, finding permanency for children in need of families is wonderful, but that doesn’t happen without a tremendous amount of grief and loss. So, while adoption is often a wonderful and beautiful thing for a lot of people, there’s a large portion of the population for whom adoption is a source of pain and struggle, whether that’s birth parents, birth siblings, or even adoptees themselves. This National Adoption Month, let’s also honor these folks and listen to their stories as well. If this applies to you, please know that we see you, we acknowledge your pain and your experience, and we want to learn from you.

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