Photo Album:Road Trip to Colorado

Last week, Zach and I headed out to Colorful Colorado to attend Road Trip for [Foster and Adoptive] Dads, hosted by the good folks at Confessions of an Adoptive Parent. Zach will share more insights in an upcoming article, but for now we thought it would be fun to share a few of our pics from the trip.

The official event started on Wednesday, but we decided to head out a day early and camp out in the mountains in my old VW Bus. Seemingly, this is becoming a minor theme for us.

After several hours of driving in nonstop cold rain, we finally arrived in Colorful Colorado.


Picture courtesy of a “tripod” constructed out of a bucket and extra shoe.

Upon arrival to the Colorado Springs area, we attempted the Manitou Incline hike, but due to not being acclimated to the thin air, we didn’t quite make it to the top. (Tune in Saturday to read about us finally making it to the top Saturday afternoon!)

After locating the driveway for Bear Trap Ranch, we continued up the road to find a spot to camp. We found this neat cutaway in the rocks, and because we were blocking the way, the kind gentleman driving a Jeep from the other direction had no choice but to take a pic for us!


After several more miles of mud and washboard ruts, we took a chance on a very rough looking road, and were quickly rewarded with a nice campsite.


The rest of the evening was spent around the campfire recovering from the long drive and relaxing. At one point well after we went to bed, some potentially nefarious characters pulled into the campsite and stayed for a few minutes until they weren’t alone. We are pretty sure that our presence prevented a murder or something.

Colorado gifted us with a beautiful blanket of snow overnight. If we’d have been at home, I would probably have been annoyed with October snow but high up in the mountains it is much more welcome.


A little coffee warmed me up, and caused me to need to find a nice spot to try out my yellow bucket… You can do the math here…





After a hike, it was finally time to head down the hill back to Bear Trap Ranch and join the rest of the men at Road Trip!

The time at Road Trip for Dads was very relaxed, with no real set schedule. Men are free to just hang out in the lodge, go for hikes, fly fish, head down the hill to enjoy breweries, rock climb, or whatever trips their trigger.

As it turned out, the “schedule” for the first full day at Road Trip went like this:


Hike to the top of a huge rock outcropping


Hike to some abandoned railroad tunnels and top of another mountain









The second day was similar, but rather than hiking we hung out with some of the other dads in the ranch’s library enjoying deep discussion about applying things we’d learned, and a trip to a brewery for a couple beers.

Before heading home, Zach and I made sure to complete the Manitou Incline.

The time spent at Road Trip was refreshing and well worth it. I would encourage any of you dads reading this to plan to attend next year.

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